söndag 20 januari 2013

Skilsmässosoul när den är som bäst

Terry Huff and Special Delivery: "That's When It Hurts", från skivan The Lonely One (1976)

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låtlista för The Lonely One:
1. That's When It Hurts
2. The Lonely One
3. Why Doesn't Love Last?
4. When You're Lonely
5. When There's a Will
6. Poochie
7. I Destroyed Your Love 1
8. I Destroyed Your Love 2
9. Just Not Enough
10. The Lonely One
11. Come Back With Love 1
12. Come Back With Love 2
13. The Lonely One -- Instrumental

A charmer from the first note, Terry sounds real hurt, the type of hurt that lasts for years. All of the songs centered on Terry's real-life problem: a knock-down, drag-out divorce. He missed the family pet so much he wrote a sentimental ballad about the mutt entitled "Poochie"; seems his ex got to keep the dog. This is not a happy album; the songs are some of the saddest imaginable, all filled with self-condemnation.

Nej, detta är ingen munter skiva. Men musikaliskt överjordiskt bra.

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