fredag 11 december 2009

Queen Ida

Det här är så jävla tungt och så jävla bra. Queen Ida, zydecodragspelare från Louisiana. Jag rekommenderar er att logga in på spotify och plocka fram hennes låt "Chere Duloone" (finns inte på youtube) från samlingen C.T. Gator Presents a Zydeco Dance Party!!. Svårslaget!

"while music was important to Guillory, during her young adult years while busy raising her family, she only performed for social occasions. She briefly attended nursing school but left during her first pregnancy. When her children were all school-aged, she became a part-time bus driver. As they grew, Guillory's friends began more strongly encouraging her to perform publicly.

In the early '70s, she began performing with Barbary Coast Band and with the Playboys. She was in demand, not only because of her talent, but also because female accordion players were a rarity. /.../

Despite her popularity, Queen Ida never felt music was stable enough to support her children and so continued bus driving until her youngest daughter went to school. After that, Ida began touring more frequently.
"Queen Ida also co-authored a cookbook, Cookin' with Queen Ida in 1990, which featured Creole recipes."

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