måndag 21 juni 2010

Will Ferrells mansroller

"I will argue that part of Ferrell’s appeal (and ultimately why he is so funny) is his willingness to pierce traditional notions of male power, to put his naked body in the service of destabilizing concepts such as attractiveness, and ultimately his association with eras that he has obviously lived through, representing the full range of childish or adolescent sexuality from the perspective of absurd critique."
R Colin Tait, "Absurd Masculinity: The Time-Bending Comic Persona of Will Ferrell", 16 november 2009

"Increasingly visible since the late 1990s, what I will call 'Dude Flicks'-such as these with Vaughn which feature desperate, anxious white men-are nearly always comedies, and construct their humor from the inadequacies and failures of white male masculinity."
Peter Alilunas, "Male Masculinity as the Celebration of Failure: The Frat Pack, Women, and the Trauma of Victimization in the 'Dude Flick'", Mediascape vår 2008

"Will Ferrell Movies: Sexist? Homophobic?", youtube

tidigare inlägg om genus här på bloggen: "Topp 5 manlig genuspunk", oktober 2008.

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Max Thornberg sa...

Fantastisk bild på Will!!